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When I happily became pregnant last year, I swore I wasn't going to become one of those obsessive mums. The ones who talk baby non-stop. And, uh, blog all about it.

I worked - in my job as a journalist at the Evening Standard - right up to my due date. Whilst six months preggers, I booked gig tickets for when the babe would be five weeks old, imagining blithely leaving it with a friend with a bottle of expressed milk and getting all glammed up. Then along came the baby.... 

I didn't make it to that gig. This blog is an honest download of everything I've learnt - and am learning - as my buggy sports new-mum 'L plates'. 

For any brands or PRs who fancy collaborating with Run Out of Womb, on events, launches, reviews or trips, please use the contact form or email me via my website.

I'm also all ears at @lucytobin (with 16,000 followers) and @runoutofwomb on Twitter, and you can read (or, go on.. buy) my books here on Amazon

This blog has grown faster than I could have dreamed (if I dreamed any more - to do so requires being asleep..). We've had more than 20,000 views per months, more than 20,000 reach on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @runoutofwomb). Run Out of Womb is one of the UK's top 500 blogs (as ranked by TOTS 100), and has had several features in the national press including the Daily Mail:

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