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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

WIN! Hotel Chocolat goodies worth almost £350.. and the chance to be in a book

'Scuse the small interruption to normal Run Out of Womb services, but who DOESN'T want to finish off a hard day's parenting with an amazing box of Hotel Chocolat Summer Sleekster desserts (36 chocolate petits fours, from patisserie to sorbet via cheesecakes and more...)? 

There are 15 of the boxes to be won to those who send their best ADULTING tips - on anything from dealing with health, money, housing stuff to what to say to friends going through tough situations, any life skills that you didn't learn at school, or embarrassing screw-ups you don't mind sharing - it's all going to be featured (anonymously if you prefer) in the upcoming Being An Adult: The Handbook, to be published next summer.

The best 15 tips or stories will win one of these delicious Hotel Chocolat boxes... Just pop your tips via the form below. Deadline is 01/09/2017, top 15 will be asked for your address and sent a box of Summer Sleekster chocolates direct from Hotel Chocolat.

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  1. Make sure everything has a place. Stuff in your house without a place will just lie about and you'll end up with a messy house. Messy house = messy life. If everything has a place you'll know where it all goes and where to find everything. If it hasn't got a place or you can't find one, bin it!

  2. Set up a budget and use it, every month! Include an emergency fund that you keep topped up when it has to be used. The best thing I ever did! The fridge will pack up and no you can't predict it (well plan for 2 weeks after the warranty expires :)

  3. Always have a budget for everything

  4. Get yourself organised it saves you time & makes everything much less stressful. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Have set places for important things like your important documents/papers and bills. Being organised with your budget is a good thing too, get it written down so its easy to follow, so write down your income and list all your known outgoings to help keep track, writing down when your bills/payment are due on a calendar helps too.

  5. my top tips - never lend what you can't afford to lose, treat others how you would want to be treated yourself, honesty is the best policy!

  6. Ann Marie Gould1 August 2017 at 15:29

    my most embarrassing moment is probably getting the date for World book day wrong and taking my then 5 year old daughter to school dressed as Jessie from Toy story . Worst thing was i had to go to work and couldn't take her home to change her clothes so she had to stay in the outfit. Worst Mum Award goes to......

  7. Yesterday, instead of saying 'congratulations' when an acquaintance told me his wife was pregnant, i found myself sayings 'well done, good work'.

    Excellent impregnating that man.

    Damn my inability to socialise like a normal human being.

  8. When my daughter was little she had a habit of mooning to people in the street which was very embarrassing especially when I was in a busy supermarket, I would have to do my shopping as quick as possible.

  9. My tip is this: if you have a secret you really don't want to get out, then keep it to yourself and don't confide in anyone. Friendships and relationships change over the years and unfortunately, people you might trust today, may not be able to be trusted in the future. I speak from experience, having been let down terribly by someone I once trusted with my life!

  10. Meal planning comes in really handy feeding a family. Saves money by only buying what you need also getting the kids involved helps them to eat more varied meals

  11. My adulting advice:

    Mostly, people won't get upset if you rearrange appointments or plans, especially if you do so in plenty of time. Don't put off rearranging because you're worried about their reaction.

    You're not at school any more; as an adult, strangers will usually be give you the benefit of the doubt at least once, so use that, and use it wisely and justifiably and don't squander it.

  12. Always save those escaping extra pennies that seem to roll away! Or get sucked up into Hetty the hoover when we are doing a mad rush 5 minutes clean before someone comes over for a cup of tea!!! We can't be bothered to pick them up from the floor because they mean so little, but to our children those 1 and 2p's are money - Big or small, we should save them!


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