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Tuesday 1 August 2017

The 10 Signs You're Turning Into Your Parents

For me, it was when I looked at my car radio and realised the 'Classic FM' preset was getting more use than my old faves Radio X, Absolute, etc. Sure, it's because I hope those instrumental dulcet tones will soothe tiny man and tiniest man to sleep... but it still reminds me of long car journeys as a kid, begging my parents to switch to Capital but being stuck with Beethoven... Yup, I realised, two years a mama and I'm turning into my parents.

Here are some other classic signs that you're mama or papa-ing just like the ones who made you...

* the first time you open your mouth, and your mum comes out. Probably when you're telling your kid to "eat your dinner or...", "tidy your room!" or "when I was a child.." or any of the other demands you totally hated back on the day.

* You enthuse about one of your children's new outfits then finish up saying, "and it washes really well!"

* you've started using the same parental code lingo you used to get annoyed by as a kid growing up. I use the same Yiddish phrase to covertly talk ***nap plans *** with my husband (so the toddler doesn't understand) that six-year-old-me used to yell at my parents "I understand what you're whispering about!"..

* ferrying a toddler from messy play to play date to rhyme time, you actually utter the words "I feel like an Uber driver. Without the fares." (OK, your parents used to just say 'cab', but times move on... a bit).

* you've started feeling enthusiastic about English holidays (no toddler airport escapades, no jet lag, no restaurant lingo battles) - the type of holiday you moaned about for being wet and boring when you were growing up.

* you can't believe how much food everyone goes through. You're barely home from Tesco before you have to go back again, and the Ocado bloke knows your diet plans better than you do. You vaguely remember your mum complaining about this every summer.

* your kid teaches you some function you didn't know existed on your iPhone. (Said kid is two years old.)

* you start to kind of like gardening. It's nice to have some quiet, and plants don't ask for snacks.

* your dream home extension wouldn't be for a pool / dressing room / spa anymore: you'd really love a utility room though. A whole room with a door, just to shove the washing in.. that's the dream.

* you buy a cagoule. And wear it. All summer long.

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