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Friday 14 August 2015

baby lifehacks

A baby? A mop? Or both.. pic credit: Firebox
You might get nine months to prepare for becoming a parent, but that doesn't stop it all feeling like a bit of a shock when you've got a tiny, vulnerable baby to look after. So these genius baby hacks - crowdsurfed from experienced parents - could save you time, money and sanity...

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1. Avoid poonami disasters
Those random 'envelope' folds on baby vests and growers aren't for accommodating huge heads: they let you pull the outfit down over a baby's chest and off their legs if they have a poo-nami - so the poop doesn't touch their head.

2. Limit the nappy damage

Place a clean nappy open under the baby's dirty nappy. Change, wipe then place the clean bum on new nappy. During winter, placing a few wipes on the radiator can make night-changes a little quieter..

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3. Help teething traumas
Freeze the teat of a dummy in an ice cube tray filled with milk (breast or formula) or cooled, boiled water to cool painful gums. (Advised for babies aged six months-plus)
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4. Never be without a bib

Attach a sticky hook to the back of a high chair to hang a few bibs so you never forget one.

5. Save the outfit... 
Feed your baby in a nappy, and put newspaper or a towel under the high-chair. 

6. Brainy breastfeeding 

Put something on your wrist or bra strap to remind you which boob to start on next feed!

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7. Avoid finger trauma
Slice a pool noodle in half, and slide onto the edge of a door to prevent trapped fingers.

8. Keep the car clean 
Put cupcake liners in the cupholders so you can whisk away all those crumbs/bogeys/rubbish rather than let it get stuck in the nooks and crannies

9. Potty-training hack: stop them using up all the loo roll by doing this... ---->
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10. Never forget your baby monitor.
Download an app like this one - live video, and uses white noise or even your voice to soothe the babe.

11. Sleep soundly 
Don't do all the poppers up on your baby's vest during the night - it gives the nappy more room to expand.

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12. Never run out of wardrobe space: attach the ring-pull of a drink can to a hanger and then hook another one through it to double the space.

13. Avoid wet night disasters
Layer your baby's bedding - so sheet, mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector - make a late-night bedding change far easier.

14. Muslin hack
Put them everywhere. In their carrycot, on their activity gym, on the sofa - then any sick/wee/poop means you just have to wash a muslin, not a whole set of furniture.

15. Stop chucking stained clothes
For berry stains on clothes, boil the kettle and pour the water over the clothes before washing - magically disappears! To get pasta sauce or ketchup out of clothes, scrap excess off (even if dry) with a knife and then run cold water through the stain (from the inside) then use washing liquid rub into stain! Simply vanishes! Then wash as normal.

16. Bathing hack: when your babe outgrows a baby bath, use a dam rather than filling up a huge bath with water. Or pop them in a washing basket to keep them still.

17. Hot car hack
 When it's boiling hot, keep a spray bottle in the car to cool the metal bits on the car seat to prevent them from burning baby legs.

18. For tummy-time haters
Recline on your back with baby lying on you, tummy to tummy. It's the same thing but it works for those who just cry when placed on a mat in the same position.

19. Messy face magic
 To clean up after eating, use a wet muslin. Wipe her face, then her hands then the high chair then the table. So everything is wiped with one cloth which then gets washed. Easy and avoids using loads of baby wipes!


  1. I really loves these! But I need help with changing my little girls nappy, she'll move around while I'm changing her.


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