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Monday 20 March 2017

11 hilarious tweets that reveal what it's REALLY like to parent a toddler

Screw those perfect Insta-shots. This is reality, toddler parents-to-be. Get ready.... 

1) When you lick just to check and...  

2) When your phone's memory is suddenly full and you're sure you didn't take 34,000 photos overnight, and then you check your camera roll....

3) When blindly inserting a hand into any cavity in your home is actually kinda dangerous...

 (via @marketingelise)

4) When you've come to expect a spider web pattern on your phone, even when it's brand new.

(via @aayyyanifa)

 5) When actually leaving the house on time for once is always scuppered by poo o'clock
(via @mydelfablife)  

6) When your house is a total tip... apart from areas of organisational focus for the toddler. 
 (via @ingrid_arnold)

7) When you can't remember NOT being decorated by changing mat-related bruises
(via @justsmurfyk)

8) When you think you're being sworn at (but it's just a cutlery request)

(via @keithcenochs)

9) When you used to clock-watch in the office.. But now it takes on new meaning. 
(via @marijaabicic)
10) When you're asked if this whole 'sibling thing' can be over now... 

(via @ejstagg89)

11) When you realise you bigged up 11 hilarious tweets but you only collated 10. Because your toddler didn't sleep, your brain left the building a year ago and .. damn you totally could have got away with it if you hadn't mentioned anything. 

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