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Thursday 7 December 2017

Accessories Dreamin' with Mamas & Papas

Sometimes mama-hood can feel a bit like starting school: eyes darting around the Monkey Music room (instead of the classroom) looking for Someone Who Looks Like You To Become Your New (Mama) Bestie. Learning stuff all the time (albeit How to Make a Happy Human rather than double maths). And... making sure you've got the coolest kit. Because, lets face it, parenthood can sometimes be knackering, messy, and a bit gross (whole-outfit-and-carseat poonami, I'm looking at you). Which is why, in the same way that getting the best rucksack/Kickers/hoiked-up-skirt for school was Very Important, with my second pregnancy, I wanted an epic nappy bag.

Yup, there's a sentence I never thought I'd write... First time around I was all, 'any bag is fine', and though I tried a bunch out, I ended up using a Herschel rucksack a lot of the time. I never understand why people spend £50+ on changing bags that literally say 'Yummy Mummy Cupcake' on them (ugh). But I do get why it's nice to get a great-looking bag, since you're going to be schlepping it around for a long time, and a practical one, because you're going to want to grab those nappies pretty sharpish and don't want to be rummaging around in a stamp-sized baby changing room.

Step forward, Mamas + Papas' collaboration with Tiba + Marl. Anyone who's spent any time following parenting bods on Instagram will know this indy brand - by two mums who were formerly a Bag Buyer for Urban Outfitters, and Accessories Designer at Kurt Geiger and now make epic bags that just happen to be changing bags. 
Pic: Stella Lebel
And now the duo are collaborating with Mamas & Papas, where you can find their range plus their parenting tips on the store's new website. I love my Miller bag in Pewter - it's become my constant companion day-to-day, but also (so far) on flights, at the beach, pool, zoo... It's got three outer pockets to store stuff sensibly, including a bottle holder, a changing mat, and internal mama clutch that is good enough to wear separately. Best of all, though, it looks good - and, as a rucksack, means you've always got hands-free.

It's about two decades since I set off on my first day of big school, proud of my new bag, but my Miller makes me even happier. Check it out here at M&P - and it's a good time to visit its relaunched website too, as it's packed with advice from nutritional coach Madeleine Shaw, and sleep know-how from the entrepreneurs behind Bloom & Blossom.  

* ROOW attended the launch of Mamas & Papas' new website and reviewed the Miller bag, but rest assured we're seriously gobby and only rave about stuff we really love. 

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