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Monday 19 October 2020

Jumping in Muddy Puddles: the Scamp Suit

There are a handful of baby/kid inventions that they really need to extend to adult usage. Gro-bags; naps; teethers (hey, my wisdom teeth really hurt..). 

Now, after tiny man tested out a new outdoor outfit, Muddle Puddles' Scamp Suit this weekend, I've immediately added it to my list.

I mean, I think I might look a bit like an oversized Teletubby if there was an adult one, rather than the cosy bundle of energy that tiny man looks like in his Scamp Suit. But it'd be worth it. This outfit is ideal for outdoors-loving toddlers (all of them, right?). 
The Scamp Suit has two layers: a totally waterproof all-in-one, with cone-shaped hood to channel the cute elf look and a peaked front to stop any raindrops in their tracks. The bottoms have stirrups, to tuck under feet and stop ANY water getting in anywhere, and sleeves are elasticated. Then there's an inner layer of an *uber* soft fleece onesie. The kind you want to pull on yourself and lie watching an entire Netflix series, in total cosydom the whole time. It's breathable materials though, so not too hot or sweaty.

The fleece joins to the waterproof outfit with a handful of poppers, so it's easy to disattach in autumn/spring when it's not so cold, or to wash one or other of the outfits - it can all be chucked in the washing machine. 
The Scamp Suit is perfectly-named because it's ideal for scamping-about toddlers: any Peppa-inspired jump-in-muddy-puddle-rs will remain dry and warm however deep the jump. It comes in three fabrics, and, judging by my son's fellow nursery-goers in hand-me-down Scamp Suits, it lasts long and well. The downside? It's not cheap - £75. But it's good value. 

Whilst we were sent this one for review by Muddly Puddles, I'm ordering a matching one for tiniest man as soon as he's on the move - and waiting 'til they start stocking adult sizes too...


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