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Tuesday 18 June 2019

Foxhills: family-friendly hotel review

Thanks to this blog and to my day job (as a journalist at the Evening Standard, where I sometimes write travel pieces amongst other topics!), my family and I have been lucky enough to visit a lot of Britain's family-friendly hotels. We've loved the Four Seasons, Coworth Park, Calcot Manor amongst others.
But we're just back from a stay at a hotel we'd not previously heard around luxe parenting hotel chat - and it was incredible - and cost a lot less than the others on this list. So we really recommend you book a trip to Foxhills - here's why:

Mainly: the facilities. The website actually (and unusually) undersells all the amazing things you can do at Foxhills - especially for kids. There's an actual big soft play. Not just a little slide and some cushions - a huge, very tall, room of it. There are so many swimming pools we didn't even get to try them all - two big, main indoor and outdoor ones and at least two other smaller ones around the resort. There's a big spa area (adults only, a good barter system for your other half) with sauna, and steam rooms, an outdoor jacuzzi, an outdoor natural pool *unheated, watch me go blue*...

There's the usual spa treatments, although I didn't partake this time (although did nick a few minutes chilling in the relaxation room which was alllmost as nice as a massage...!). There's no time rules for kids - you can explore everywhere; there's a huge games room with table tennis, football tables, TVs etc. There's even a full on creche / nursery, although we didn't use it so can't comment this time.

Then there's all the outside stuff - a brilliant playground we actually stumbled on by accident: if there's one thing Foxhills could improve, its signage and advertising the fact that these brilliant facilities exist! There were loads of tennis courts and they were happy to lend us rackets (free) for us to have a knockaround. There's a serious golf scene - we just went to the driving range but proper golfies will find out more here.

It's all a really green site so you feel like you're abroad - maybe in an American country club kinda place - there's so many spots to sit and relax and watch the kids run around. We enjoyed a woodland walk, exploring (the four-year-old), snoozing (the two-year-old) and walking off our massive breakfast (the grown-ups). 

Food-wise, the breakfast was a highlight: really great berries, fresh fruit, cereals, juices, croissants plus the usual cooked options - we loved the waffles. We had sandwiches for lunch at the bar, although there's also a golfing restaurant and outdoor one by the pool. The food at Foxhills was nice, and fairly simple, rather than stellar.

And the rooms? We stayed in the garden building, rather than the rooms in the main hotel, and our room was enormous - plenty of room for all four of us, with a cot and roll-out bed for tiny man. 

There were fluffy towels and a great big tub; the bed was comfy too. Some of the rooms we saw looked a little shabbier, but in truth in this kind of resort-style hotel, you're not going to be hanging out in the room much when there's so much else to do.

So, in summary we loved this place and will be back soon.

* Our stay was not a blog freebie!

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