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Friday 9 April 2021

Family days outside: Berkhampstead

When we want a rural day out but don't want to go too far from NW London, the affectionately-named Berko is a popular option. The drive is short enough to be bearable with a baby who HATES the car, there are lots of animals to spot on route, and it's lovely place to walk around - canal, Rosie and Jim re-enactments, castle ruins, lots of playgrounds, and lots of cafes and non-chain restaurants. Here's our pick of what to do:

Our first stop was to pick up some food (went for burritos from Rosana's this time, but there are loads of good takeaway/outside options on Lower King's Street) then head to the castle. It's a/ ten minute walk away from the main parade of shops, past the train station and next to the canal. The castle has amazing history, parts being established in 1066, so my 5-year-old history boff loved it but all the kids appreciated its huge grassy areas, ruins to look at (but not touch) and the huge hill to clamber up. 

There's a nice path (one way, Covid safe) to walk all around the castle area - it's not very buggy friendly, though, so we left ours on the grassy bit and took the sling.

We spent an hour or two around the castle, then headed off for a stroll along the canal, even helping a barge owner to deal with the locks (kids' highlight of the day), spotting trains (Tesco freight train blew the toddler's mind), hitting the playgrounds (there are two you pass between the high street and castle) and spotting animals (birds of prey aplenty around here). 

You can park for free on the streets off the High Street (non canal-side) or there's a big car park attached to Waitrose and M&S if you're shopping there. 


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