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Friday 29 May 2015

7 bits of baby cr*p you really don't need

The shops'll make you believe otherwise, but here's the collective wisdom of new parents on stuff you really don't need to bother buying...

  • A bath temperature monitor: it's what your elbows were made for (don't use your hands as they withstand higher temps).
  • Pretty crib mobiles, bumpers, etc for newborns - most mobiles aren't much use until the babe is in a cot and bumpers aren't recommended by midwives.
  • 'White noise makers' like Ewan the Sheep - see if these work/are needed for your baby with a free Youtube soundtrack or app, and only splash out if so.
  • A baby monitor (for the early days): unless you live in a mansion, your baby will be very audible - probably sleeping in your bedroom and with you all day long, so you don't usually need a monitor until later on.
  • A special 'nappy disposal system' - I use this cheap pedal bin with a lid from Wilko - looks good and works well.
  • Shoes for your newborn. Aka pram shoes. Aka see the ridiculous items in the pic above? They'll last a week, and will never get walked on.. Stick to cute socks.
  • Baby wipe warmer. WTF? Even a day-old babba needs to learn that life sometimes hands you lemons. Aka room-temperature wipes on your bum.
  • Anything to add? Leave a comment below. 



  1. A top and tail bowl and a changing table were our waste of money! A changing mat on the floor is way safer I discovered after my child almost wriggled off it! The top and tail bowl was just a waste of time

    1. Disagree in the changing table front. I had a c section and can't imagine constantly bending to change nappies on the floor or bed. Mine also has a bath and proved invaluable whilst I was healing... but different strokes for different folks!!


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