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Monday 6 July 2015

Guest post: Why changing bags are a waste of money

Mum-blogger Emma Ross talks bags and babies:
I ummed and ahh-ed about choosing a baby changing bag for ages. I think it was because it was my first opportunity to add some of “me” into motherhood.. But everything I saw in the shops was either covered in cupcakes or polka dots or plain and "trendy" to a degree that it looked like something my hipster friends would take to work. 
On top of these so extremely important stylistic issues, I suffer from back pain which isn't ideal for lugging copious amounts around with me (read: everything you need to keep a baby alive). Moreover, I don’t even own a traditional handbag so there was little chance that as I embarked on motherhood that I would suddenly embrace normal female bag habits. The situation was calling for one thing and one thing only: a rucksack.
Why men get to wear rucksacks when women blatantly have a tonne more to carry around has always baffled me. And with motherhood looming, I decided to full on embrace geek motherhood. In the end I went for an Eastpak Aztec rucksack, which I absolutely love - and my son Jack is now one and a bit. It sits firmly on my back, is big enough to hold everything I need for him, plus a few of my own essentials, and I think it's pretty funky too. 
If someone could just invent a rucksack with compartments, I'd be sorted as my lipsticks have ended up stuck in the creases of Jack's nappies a fair few times.. 
So if any pregnant ladies are reading this, embrace comfort and space, with a bit of chaos - eschew the stereotypical changing bag and get yourself a backpack.

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  1. I would definitely purchase a backpack instead of a diaper changing bag, whether a mom or a dad. For one, it is much easier to lug around a backpack strapped on your back than it is to try and hold straps in your hands, especially with a newborn baby. Secondly, they are designed to hold all of those things that you need as a mommy or daddy.

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts


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