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Monday 22 February 2016

The travel cot made by a rocket scientist...

"It's not rocket science" is the stock insult we knackered parents hurl at each other when the other one can't get the baby's high chair up, or sippy cup sorted, or travel cot secured.

So I was pretty excited when I heard that actual rocket scientists have moved into the baby technology market. And not just any rocket scientists - those working at the European Space Agency and Oxford University. A couple of them - both dads, obviously - couldn't believe how complicated it was to build most travel cots. As someone who once spent the best half of a morning sweating and swearing over the building of a French travel cot on a villa holiday, I'm right with them.

And so I can't wait to review the Space Cot in April - and will definitely be letting you know how it works. The vital stats are pretty promising: 

* The scientists say theirs is the only cot that folds and unfolds in 3 seconds
* It weighs just 6kgs (about the same as a three-month-old baby)
* Folds away easily into a neat bag
* Suitable from birth to 30 months
* Can be carried comfortably over your shoulder
* Eco friendly and hypoallergenic
* Can also be a play pen or everyday cot for those with limited space
* Available in Blue, Grey and Black
* RRP £139.95
* Pre order from February for delivery in April 
* Available from 

And you can find out more about the cot's conception - and see it in action - here:

* This post was written in collaboration with Space Cot, but rest assured Run Out of Womb is seriously gobby and would never rave about anything unless it's rave-worthy.


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