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Monday 22 February 2016

These are a few of my favourite things...

Apologies if that headline has stuck the Sound of Music in your head.. I haven't seen many raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but nothing says more about how much I've changed since become a mama than a shopping trip.

Where I used to head straight to Zara or Topshop to pick up a new top or skirt for the weekend, now I like nothing more than browsing tiny shoes ready for summer, or an amazing new nappy bag that's nicer than most of my handbags, or a new stripey sleepsuit.

These are some things that have entered our wardrobe this week... 

Jemima bag, Jem + Bea

How great does this beautiful soft leather bag look? Not great as in, not bad for a changing bag, but beautiful, full stop. Yes, it is a changing bag - there are pockets (eight inside, two out), a padded changing mat, an insulated bottle-holder, it's wipe-clean inside. But oh, it's a lovely bag too. 

If you're thinking it looks a bit Mulberry, good spot: one of its founders used to work there, and it shows: alongside the great-quality leather (I opted for tan), you get a clutch/pouch for the few belongings us mums are allowed to tote around, a leather keyholder, mobile slot, gold metal bits and something that poses prettily under the buggy - and on your shoulder. (See tiny man getting his hands on it below..)

You'll want it to last - it's £265, which is loads, but I've already checked that it fits my laptop because this bag is definitely gonna be in my life for longer than I'm carting around nappies. The only sore point beyond the price is it's fairly heavy, once all your paraphernalia is on board. But I forgive the Jemima that, because it makes me feel like a properly dressed, made-up, grown-up on days when I'm wearing the same jeans for the fourth day in a row and have Batiste'd for more days than I care to count... 
Basically, this is a non-maternity maternity bag - and it's gorgeous.

Also this week, we've been shoe shopping. Not because shoes are exactly a necessity when you're ten months old and love nothing more than to dash around on your knees. But they're pretty darn cute. Stocking up for summer (the Womb crew are moving house next week so obv we're prepping for all the important things, like baby fashion...), these tiny Salt Water sandals are so cute. They're proper leather, (and cost about £35, although look out for sale prices, I've seen them for £15), available in a rainbow of colours, unisex, splash proof (they stretch a little when they get wet), and basically the only baby sandals I've ever seen that have NO velcro or rubber or weirdo cartoon characters, and are lovely.
Back to the current, uh, season - and tiny man is wearing these cute rubber Attipas shoes all the time. They've sock-like uppers - so soft and comfortable - and rubber grippy soles, which are great now he's standing and coasting around. They're £16 from Perky Panda, a brilliant online baby and kids' store, curated with cool but reasonably-priced designs. And since these shoes also happen to look one helluva lot like a certain All Stars design, I wear my grey Converse, he wears these, and we're both happy. 

Now when I found myself listing a pack of nappies as one of my 'favourite things', I realised I realllllly was a mum. Because.. really? Nappies. Here's why: they're called Moony. Which is already a pretty good reason that they're good, to be honest, because anyone who's done time in a British school playground is going to enjoy dressing their baby in Moony nappies. 

So how do they differ to Pampers, Tesco's, et al? Well, they're much more slim-lined and flexible - no big baba bum here - but they're also super-absorbent and we didn't have a single leakage with the 60-pack size we tried. 

They've got a wetness indicator, too, which most of the supermarket brands leave behind as babies get bigger, but remain useful, and they're really soft and flexible so crawling babies won't feel trapped or rubbing. There is a drawback: a 60-pack costs about £25, which is really going to add up if you use them every day. But if you keep facing night-time leaks, I'd recommend them, and if you've got a special occasion and want to avoid a big-nappy-bum ruining a cute dress or smart trousers, they're great too. Available from Amazon.

* Items sent to Run Out of Womb for review - but rest assured, we're seriously gobby and would only rave about what we reckon rave-worthy. The rest we just don't feature.



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