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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Monochrome Spring Shopping

Monochrome Mothercare 2
You know those chilly/rainy toddler days when it's too cold for the playground and you've done the library, you've no play dates and the thought of soft play makes you wanna explode? On those days, we hit a shopping centre. Tiny man loves the toy shops and people-watching and the inevitable apple that keeps him busy for ooooh 20 minutes - and I ... love shopping. 

The shops are full of Spring right now, but buying something light and bright and totally unsuitable until, well, who knows but probably May is just too frustrating. So monochrome is the best way forward - and Mothercare was so chocka with lovely bits for Tiny Man (and his tiny girl-friends' upcoming second birthdays) plus I spotted some black-and-white maternity bits in-store that were far nicer than anything I saw when pregnant with Tiny Man.. And here are some of our faves all together. 

They're all available now online and in-store - the tots clothes are ALL from Mylene Klass's My K range - which is basically all monochrome and often unisex and always lovely. The maternity wear is labelled above - a mixture of Mamalicious, Supermom and own-brand, but all from Mothercare and mostly around £20 - those with a bump this February definitely have lots of affordable options.

* Thanks to Mothercare for this collaborative review post - but rest assured we're seriously gobby and only rave about what we love.


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