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Wednesday 24 January 2018

The best non-chocolate advent calendar

This might seem a weird time to be writing about advent calendars... but I know I'll forget by December so just a quick one to rave about Mothercare's Happyland advent calendar. Because since opening three months ago, tiny man has played with its contents every day. 

Each day the window holds another character - a few people, angels, Father Christmas, etc or animal (polar bear, reindeer, dog etc) or accessory (table, cakes, chairs, Christmas tree). They're so useful for open-ended play - here he made a huge queue for some reason, and Father Christmas was playing a Duplo piano he'd constructed!

I was going to buy a normal chocolate advent calendar, but thought the season was so Dairy Milk-packed that a toy one was a good idea. Then I was going to make one, but realised that was lunacy..! This one only costs around £20 (less if you wait til a few days into December, the kids'll never know!) and for the amount of toys inside and use it's getting, I really recommend it.

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