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Sunday 11 February 2018

Children's room-decorating with Wallsauce

When it comes to kids' bedroom decor, I'm one mean mama. Thomas the Tank Engine walls or Princess duvet? No thanks. You can have the toys, sprogs, but I've always liked neutral walls and colours pops in our nurseries and children's bedrooms. Because a house is a house...  And because if you give in and go for a favourite character blanketing the walls, you can bet the £300 it cost you in wallpaper that they'll have moved on by the next week..

Wall stickers were a good compromise - you can stick em down, move them around, and they look good. But then I saw a friend's kid's room full of half-peeled off star wall stickers, because her toddler regarded their presence as an exciting real-life sticker book.. and tried to take them all off.

And then I came across a site called, and it's incredible. It sells a huge range of super cool mural strips - some need pasting up like wallpaper (but they're only a handful of strips so really easy) and some you just peel and stick in your year three sticker album.

And they're all incredible images - no tank engines here, but seriously realistic jungles, beautiful vistas, cool shots - and if you can't find something you love from their hundreds of options, they'll even make you your own murals out of your best photos. And they're all made to measure for your walls, so will fit perfectly.

This started as a kids bedroom decor hunt, but quickly morphed into a 'how many rooms in the house can I justify decorating' because look at these....

... a wild floral scene
 ... a graphic city decal fab for any construction-loving tots
 an illustrated sunset scene great for a colour pop in a nursery
for animal lovers
And this one has a dash of Very Hungry Caterpillar about it... 
For arty kids...

There are more children's murals here. Prices start from around £27 per metre.

* This is a collaborative post with Wallsauce, but rest assured we're seriously gobby and only rave about things we love.

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