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Friday 12 June 2015

When *all* the babes are in BabyGap...

Babies definitely love their clothes. As in, they love vomming and weeing and pooing all over them. (Note for mums-to-be: make sure your washing machine is ship-shape and buy Napisan stain remover in bulk; you'll soon see why...). Rare a day goes by without our bathroom sink becoming a tiny washing pond, with little vests and babygrows soaking out their bright yellow stains.. Hope you're not reading this over lunch :)

Anyway, the upshot is that babies need a lot of clothes. Get as many hand-me-downs as possible: three nieces and a nephew luckily guaranteed that for my tiny man, and we are so grateful. As I've said in the ultimate newborn shopping list, check out Facebook's Buy & Sell Your Baby Stuff group, NCT nearly-new sales, eBay and Gumtree and ask family and friends if they have stuff they can't wait to declutter heirlooms to pass on too.

But sometimes, for that family wedding or photoshoot or lunch or just because you want your tot to look even more like the cutest baby in the land than they usually do, you'll want to splash out. Where to go? Well, you can visit sites like Alex & Alexa and kit your babba out in Baby Dior (ugh.. and it even has a £750 Fendi changing bag. The site does, though, have really good sales and non-footballers' wives' kids gear too). 

Baby Gap always has uber cute items too - I love its current bird range:

But for something different my favourite splurges are from the quirky British brands out there. Like baby clothing co Shmuncki* - the founder of London told me she loved old-fashioned baby clothes, and her designs marry them with ease (poppers, speedy access to nappies, really soft comfy fabrics). I love this cute harbour-print romper. 

Going for white is always asking for trouble - but it does have a matching bib to save the outfit (and there's a very soft hat too) - it's a lovely summer holiday outfit. There are really cute Liberty print rompers for girls.

Any other favourite special occasion baby clothes?

* Item sent to Run out of Womb for review. Rest assured, though, that I'm seriously gobby and would never rave about something that's rubbish.

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  1. Great post ! It depends on how much you're willing to spend. For the less expensive side, I found that Old Navy had really cute stuff for my baby boy. A little more expensive is Janie and Jack, which I love, but if you go online they have more on sale than in their stores! Also Baby Gap is good - same thing, on line has more sale product than some of the stores.


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