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Monday 1 June 2015

The worst pregnancy advice ... that you won't be able to avoid


As soon as you start developing even the tiniest hint of a bump, one thing is more guaranteed than morning sickness: random people will start giving you weird, usually unwanted advice. 

My postman once told me off for running down the stairs too fast. People on the Tube judge what you eat. They prod you and announce that you're too big/small - and are you sure you're just having the one baby...?

Everyone has an opinion on pregnancy and bringing up kids. And they’ll tell you that opinion even – in fact, especially – when you don’t want it.

I asked members of the brilliant Facebook group Babies Babies Babies (the place to go to ask questions of other parents when you DO want a question answered) the most annoying, ridiculous, mean or just plain unsolicited advice they’ve been given...

          “My office cleaner told me - before I knew the sex -  "you're definitely having a girl because she's taken all your beauty". UH, THANKS!

         “'You shouldn’t be lifting anything,' says everyone.. without offering to help. So who else is going to do it for me then?!!”

          “I had a religious nut tell me that because I was pregnant out of wedlock my child was illegitimate. So I should terminate the pregnancy. This world is so warped.”

         "Everyone said to me.. ‘Make the most of 'it' now (with various definitions for 'it')'ll all change when the baby's here..... With a smug/knowing nod..’ Helpful?!

          “In the middle of a scan, we were asked if either my husband or I have twins in our families. When we both looked at each other with a panicked look of horror, the guy said ‘oh I was just curious, no twins here.’ Why would you do that to someone..?!”

           “As a radiographer, I had patients constantly asking me if it was safe to be x-raying them and maybe I should be working somewhere else.. I felt like saying ‘yes, I need someone that knows nothing about radiation and my job to tell me where I am safe.....'"

         “The moment you tell someone you're pregnant they think it's completely necessary to tell you every detail of their birth story... I didn't ask so don't tell me!!”

          “I uploaded a pic of my bump to announce my pregnancy on Facebook. Someone responded, “Don't post information or photos of your bump or talk about your pregnancy on Facebook as it's bad luck and you will jinx your baby. “ I deleted that idiot pronto...

          “Random strangers ask you personal questions or offer their opinions about your pregnancy -  I had a security guard in Tesco tell me that I should be in the fruit and veg section when I popped in to buy a chocolate bar!”

                 "Scared about labour? It's easy - it's all about breathing..."

          “Second babies are always bigger..” -  my first was a big baby and second was exactly the same weight..

          “It's definitely a boy, I can tell by the way you're carrying it.” (it was a girl)

          “You should sleep loads now before baby comes!” - will that make you less tired when baby comes?! No!!

          "'First time mums have really slow labours' - well, I went from 2cm to birth in two hours!"

If you've also been inundated with unwanted pregnancy or parenting advice, please share the comments below...



  1. The most annoying thing throughout my pregnancy was being being greeted by friends/associates (that don't have children and have never been pregnant) with "oh wow your really big now, jheeze i didn't think you would get that big, look at you!!!" Most annoying and frustrating thing ever !!!! I'm sorry I can't control how big, round or wide my belly is getting right now. Talk about make a pregnant woman feel good about herself !

    1. I have the same thing, everyone feels the need to tell me I am massive whether I know them or not, it's also really funny to be asked "are you sure there aren't 2 in there" for the 400th time. we have no control of the shape, size, weight, etc of our baby. I also get asked personal questions all the time by strangers!

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  4. Several people (not close friends/family) asked me if my pregnancy was planned!
    1. That's none of your business &
    2. I didn't realise that I should have made an announcement when I started trying to conceive just so people didn't think my baby was unplanned!
    Also 99% of the bump critics wrongly guessed I was having a boy!

  5. It is true. When a lady get pregnant, she will surely face lots of advises every day. People will try to alert you at every point. Though some of advises are useful and some are not but still you need to listen them all. All the lines written here are true and funny too but honestly a lady need to take a better care of her to have a healthy baby. Exercises during Pregnancy.

    1. No woman needs to listen to all advice, that is just ridiculous.

      Keep your mouth shut. Unless you're a close friend/family member who knows a lot about birth and pregnancy and is saying things out of genuine care, my body and my decisions are absolutely, 100%, no business of yours.

  6. Generally, all pregnancy women can do pregnancy exercises albeit with moderation. These pregnancy exercises help in many ways as you progress in your pregnancy week by week. However it is always advisable to consult your physician, before you start. Just Found Out Im Pregnant

  7. I used to get a lot of "oh you're quite big for however many weeks". Now I have a lady who works in my local supermarket come up with my favourite wrap, drink and crisps and say "it's cool, I'm paying for it out my wages" every time I go in. Then asks how I'm feeling and listens as I complain about whatever kept me awake the night before. After the conversation she smiles, gives me a hug and says "don't worry, he'll be here soon enough" (everyone in my local supermarket knows I'm having a boy lol). Best feeling ever when you start every shopping trip with a nice chat, free snacks and a hug

  8. So check this out. My best friend announced she was pregnant earlier this year. 2 months later I find out I'm pregnant. She was over the moon. I on the other hand although excited was terrified of being pregnant at the same time as her. All of a sudden she was an expert. My pregnancy wasn't as traumatic as hers. I didn't get the morning sickness but instead had chronic (manly) burps. I heard it all.
    .. 'so this is what you need to do - eat ginger nuts and crackers.' I HATE ginger nuts.Nothing she said was new. It's all on the blogs. I confronted her which didn't sit well. She had plans for my pregnancy. She thought we'd do everything together and that our children would be raised in the same way. What!!!! I had to burst her bubble. Our vision is very different and there's nothing wrong with that. I've not yet received advise from strangers as I'm not showing and friends and family don't yet know. I'd prefer to find out through my own experience but I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want advise.

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