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Thursday 18 June 2015

Eating apples makes your child prettier..

"Congrats! When will you have another?" is just one of the questions new parents have to grin, bear and get used to. After posting The Worst Pregnancy Advice... That You Won't Be Able to Avoid and having it written about in the Daily Mail, I've been giggling and agog as more mums revealed the advice they were given whilst pregnant. 

Here's what they were told:

 “Eating apples makes your child prettier!”

“My consultant told me to go out for a nice and super-romantic meal the night before my elective c-section. My stomach had the capacity of a walnut, I was dog tired and every part of me ached. What a stupid idea!”

 “Whilst overdue: go and have a bikini wax as it can induce labour..”

“That it is bad luck for the baby for me to go to a funeral whilst I was pregnant”

 “Don't let your baby fall asleep in pram while you are out otherwise they'll never learn to sleep at home in cot....!?! Was I meant to keep poking my baby to keep them awake if I ever wanted to go out??”

"You shouldn't breastfeed in front of other children, it's not nice for them.”

 “When I was around 20 weeks pregnant, a lady at work told me that I wasn't showing in the front but def in the back ..... Cheers love!!!”

“As I was squatting down to get orange juice from the fridge-'don't do that or the baby will fall out!' by a woman with five kids…”

“Someone told me, 'don't raise your hands above your head or the umbilical cord can wrap around the baby's neck.'..”

“A cafe shop owner wouldn't sell me a ham sandwich as it was 'bad for me' and forced me to have tuna instead!”

“When I told my boss I was pregnant he later that day said 'don't get too excited. Anything can go wrong at any time. My friends just lost theirs as nearly 40 weeks. Just stay realistic'....Wow. Thanks boss, that advice will help me sleep at night.”

"Ginger will help you feel better"....when I had hyperemesis and was on salt/sugar solution and anti-emetics.

 “After birth, when your newborn is crying some old lady will always feel the need to come over and say ‘maybe she's hungry dear’. Of course - how could I not think of that one!! You see I was planning in starving my child!!”
 “People asked me at 8 or 9 months "are you SURE it's not twins?" Yeah, pretty positive but thanks for your insight!”

“Whilst pregnant with first child, when do you think you will have a second!?! Really... Let's at least get the first one popped out before that chat!”

 “I'm due in four weeks, and a lot of people have started asking me about my birth plan (a little personal I'd say!) and then offering a lot of advice - most of it telling me I'm wrong, won't manage/be able to give birth in the way I'd like and should just do as they suggest! Needless to say not what you need when the moment is imminent.”

 “ My mum told me it's good to have an odd glass of wine now and then when pregnant as that will make the baby speak sooner once born!”

 “A young girl in EAT asked me how old I was (40) and then proceeded to tell me how bad it was going to be for me since I was so old: I was going to have a really bad time giving birth and there could be complications for the baby. Unbelievable!!”

“The midwife in the hospital said that I was holding my three hour old baby too much and I should put her in the crib and leave her there... I did point out that even if I agreed with her, there was no crib in the room!”

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