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Monday 4 January 2016

"Helpful advice" from grandparents

When you were pregnant, you imagined long chats with your mum about being a parent, reminiscing and comparing her own sweet baby memories of you with your lovely experiences now... 

But now the baby is here, there are also other conversations. More heated ones. Ones where you wonder how you're even related to someone WHO'S SUGGESTING GIVING YOUR NEWBORN JUICE 'so they sleep better'. And these are some of those 'debates'.. in social media form.

The 'crying' issue
The 'your baby is cold' issue...

The 'your baby still isn't trained?' issue

The 'car seat' issue

The 'next one' issue

The routine issue

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  1. Love this! See also " a tot of whisky in your milk never did you no harm" and "now you know what it's like" with a knowing smile to any report of any minor hiccup. I'm not looking for advice, I'm just keeping you updated!


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