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Friday 1 January 2016

The smallest, quickest, easiest travel cot around

Confession: I can't get to the end of most baby product reviews. They blah about tiny details like the feel of the strap of a sling or the colour of the plastic of a monitor and I couldn't care less. When I buy a baby thing my thought process is mostly: does it work? does it look OK? will I need to remortgage the garden wendy house to buy it? If the answers are yes, yes and no, it's mine. 

So I'm surprised to find myself writing this review of a travel cot. Especially as I already briefly mentioned this Baby Bjorn Travel Cot a month ago. But since then, we've had Christmas. And Christmas meant lots of travel and packing up a, uh, few small bags (see below: part of the equipment for a two-night stay in a family flat where most baby things were already there. OOPS.) 

And it meant using various different travel cots. And the Baby Bjorn one was the best by so many extra hours of sleep and no swear-ridden construction efforts, that I had to write this.

If you're looking for a travel cot, buy this one. Why? 

1) Because you can build it in under a minute. Seriously. I don't even have a PHD in Ikea-building. You just unfold, pull up four legs, drop the mattress in, and you're done. This makes a big difference when you arrive somewhere around bedtime and the baby (or older - it's big enough for up to 3 year olds) really needs to go to bed. 

2) Because it fits in its travel bag really easily. Again, this is not a lie. You fold it up, and it fits in the bag without you staring at it and wondering HOW THE HELL IT EVER FITTED IN THE THING BEFORE. Like I endlessly pondered with my newborn. And every sleeping bag, and tent, ever. 

3) It's pretty light. I carried it up three flights of stairs without huffing, and I haven't been to the gym since the millennium. 

4) It looks nice. I mean, not centrepiece of your home nice. But nicer than any other travel cot I've ever seen.

My only gripe is that the netted sides do something weird to my monitor screen meaning I can't see my baby through it. Don't know what or why (and the sound works fine, obviously) but it's a bit annoying. Oh, and you can't fit a mobile to the side because it's not rigid at the top. Other people complain about the size (sure, it'll be cosy for a three year old, but no one sleeps spread-eagled anyway), and the price: it's £170. But that includes a strong mattress, unlike others which make you buy them for extra or include a piece of A3 paper that they call a mattress. 

So that's why I rate this Baby Bjorn cot. And if you want to know the dimensions etc and stuff more thorough reviewers would definitely put in? They're all here

* Sent to Run Out of Womb for review, but I'm seriously gobby and would never rave about something rubbish.

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