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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Finding a trusted babysitter online

As a kid growing up, I loved it when my parents booked a babysitter. It usually meant a neighbour's au pair or teenage daughter coming round to play games with me all night long (well, 'til 10pm when my usual bedtime was 8.30), or someone I could innocently tell I was alllways allowed a snack right before bed.

Yet now I'm (so I'm told) a grown-up myself - and a parent of tiny man, the babysitter issue isn't so easy. Some days I even find it stressful to leave him with a friend or relative - so the idea of finding a local babysitter and inviting them into our home to look after our baby (who still wakes up a bunch of times too) is .... one reason why we don't go out in the night-time a whole lot at the moment!

But since all parents need a night out now and then (if only to remember why they picked this dude to procreate with in the first place), I was really pleased to find out about the launch of a new London-based babysitting service: KidSitter

It's a network of highly-rated, experienced sitters, who have all passed a thorough five-step vetting process. They've all had criminal record checks (DBS checks), and have had paediatric first-aid training. To book, there aren't any agency fees or bartering - you pay a simple £12 per hour. You can book as last-minute as two hours before you need a sitter, if the booking is made between 9 AM and 6 PM, on all days of the week.

And now Run Out of Womb readers in London have a chance to win a three-hour babysitting session with KidSitter - just enter below.

NB by entering this competition, your email address will be shared with Kidsitter, unless you opt out by sending your details and the words 'please don't share my info' to me via the 'contact me' form here; please note Kidsitter currently only works in London.

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* This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with KidSitter. 


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