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Monday 7 March 2016

Win! Squid soap and Comotomo goodies

Anyone who's ever grappled with a soap-phobic kid will be battle-worn. Convincing a small person that washing their hands is a really good idea can sometimes feel as tough as getting Donald Trump to cut his hair. So hats off to the inventors of Squid Soap: it's a fun-looking bottle where pushing down the dispenser "inks" your hand in a bright colour - you can then easily teach kids to wash until the ink is gone. for the perfect germ-free clean, without the arguments. 
Aaand on the topic of grumpy kids, someone told me teething is as painful as childbirth, so that's upped my sympathy levels for tiny ones and their sore gums. My small man is gumming this Comotomo teether (less noisy than a certain giraffe, and easier to pop in the freezer too) and we love it.

Now Run Out of Womb readers can test these products out too - along with a Comotomo natural-feel baby bottle - in our latest competition. Simply enter below.. and good luck!

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