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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Sick on my suit: the working mums behind Bubblegum Balloons

It's been way too long since Run Out of Womb's last interview for Sick on My Suit - the series asking working mums, entrepreneurs and high-flying corporates how they do it - and their tips for the rest of us. But this week we're meeting the fab trio behind Bubblegum Balloons, a two-year-old business owned Sally, Megan and Laura, two sisters and their friend who have five young kids between them - including a five-month-old who's a regular in the office. Working around school/nursery times, their balloons and party decorations have attracted big corporates including Google, Facebook, Victoria's Secret and Christian Louboutin, and last year Cheryl's team on the X-Factor brandished their balloons.

So how do they do it? Co-founder Sally, 35, from Fleet, Hampshire, who has a three-year-old and newborn, explains... 

ROOW Where did your business idea come from? 

The desire to work for ourselves: we are all quite crafty and love pretty things. With six kids of our own, balloons were an easy choice.

How did you launch it? 

We sent a number of balloons to the press at the same time as doing a large photo shoot and launching our website - all in the same weekend.

Can you describe your average day? 

It is always different. The number of day-to-day postal balloons varies from 20 to 50+, then there are crazy events.. It is a bit of fun juggling it all.

What's the balance of running family and corporate life? 

It is always a challenge and it changes all the time through school holidays, new babies etc. We generally feel balanced, but like any working Mum, we all go off balance regularly. It’s all about how quick you can regain that balance. Our sales increased by over 120% in the last year.

What are your top tips to other working mums? 

Just take each day at a time and don't beat yourself up if the balance isn't always there.

How did you feel about going back to work after maternity leave - any tips for those about to do so who feel scared/worried? 

The difference when it's your own company is the desire to get back is quite strong. You also have more freedom to set your hours to suit you when it is your own company. Nowadays, most Mums have to work so you just have to make the work time productive and the family time count.
If you are thinking of going out on your own - do it! It’s the best thing we ever did.


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