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Tuesday 12 April 2016

27 baby snack ideas

You've got the meals sorted: a veg, a carb, protein, a whizz in the blender / chop into small pieces and you're sorted. But snacks? If you're anything like us, you're sick of spending endless cash on Organix biscuits. You want some other ideas. So here they are... Happy snacking, babies!

1. Yogurt drops - kinda love these, especially on hot days or for teething babes: just fill a freezer bag with plain yogurt, mixing in fruit puree if you fancy, snip off a corner and squeeze drops out onto an oiled baking sheet or plate. Freeze, then when solid decant into a pot and serve for finger food dessert or snack.

2. Steamed veg (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower etc) make great bitesize pot snacks

3. Apple and sultana muffins (I make these sugar-free, and into tiny balls, but so tasty I always eat half the batch)

4. Bamba (this Israeli peanut snack could prevent nut-allergies, according to a study. I limit to three or four pieces as they do contain some salt. Available in Tesco's and kosher shops)

5. Pancake pieces (mix flour, milk, egg and mashed banana to make thick pancakes; slice into cubes to eat later)

6. Houmous / peanut butter / cream cheese on rice cakes, breadsticks, or cucumber.

6. Kale crisps. Yeah, you'll be mocked in parenting circles, but they're great: just bake chopped up kale for 10m at 160 degrees, with a little olive oil, plus sesame seeds if you fancy

7. Cheese cubes - again, skip the pricey baby-targeted packets and chop up some cheddar

8. Frittata - make in the morning, chop 

9. Mini sandwiches (cream cheese, meat, or cheese fillings - cut into cubes)

10. Cheese scones

11. Fruit - obvious but so many options. Bananas great for on-the-go, oranges, kiwi, & watermelon all go down well here.

12. Banana ice cream - chop up a banana into three chunks. freeze for two hours, then blend. Delicious, natural ice cream.

13. Cheese straws 

14. Sweetcorn fritters

15. Oatcakes (these easy ones are cooked in the microwave)

16. Veggie muffins - I make these without the sugar - they're sweet enough if you use v. ripe bananas

17.  Rice cakes - no need to buy the baby-friendly pricey ones. Any salt-free and sugar-free variety works.

18. Roasted brocolli - don't overcook or it's too crispy, but this is one delicious healthy snack (we share..)

19. Dried apple bites - no need to buy these in a packet, just slice an apple super thin, and bake (fuller recipe here) and chop into tiny bites for babies.

20. Squares of previously toasted wholegrain bread, with butter

21. Sugar-free banana bread

22. Baby flapjacks

23. Natural yogurt - with banana or other fruit if you fancy

24. Raisins, unsweetened date pieces, etc. (just make sure they're small enough)

25. Tuna bites

26. Pieces of cooked chicken, turkey, or other well-cooked meats/ fish

27. Sweet potato wedges - chop up a sweet potato into thin strips, add a few drops olive oil, and bake for 45m at 180 degrees. Remove skin for younger babies.



  1. Thanks for including my recipe :) x

  2. Hey Lucy, thanks for the great post. It's really a headache to decide snack routine for babies. Our Lita is only one and half years. She hates to repeat the same snack for days. I have already prepared a weekly snack routine for her but it seems like she doesn't like it. I had just worried about what to do. Glad I got these options! These 27 recipes would be great. Thanks a lot. Baby products.


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