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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Tuesday giggle: the Wisdom of Kids...

Sometimes, as a mama, you just need a giggle. Maybe you've been hauled out of bed in the night for longer than you were allowed to stay under the duvet. Maybe your babe who loved tomatoes more than anything in the world last week suddenly won't eat them, or anything else, despite your cooking 15 different dishes. Maybe you're just missing adult company, or work, or just need a laugh. 

On those days social media is so brill for providing support and the reassurance that there are others out there with similarly bonkers/sad/sleep-hating kids out there. And it's why these images - dubbed the Wisdom of Kids - make me laugh. A lot. 

They're compiled and illustrated by Soula, a kind and super talented lady who I first met through work. Parents send in their kids' funniest lines, and she turns them into greeting cards (and a book) which have become bestsellers. Hope you enjoy this midweek giggle:


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