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Monday 23 May 2016

17 baby breakfast ideas

There's a 3D grey blob on our kitchen wall and it's going to be there forever. Turns out flung Weetabix + wall = permanent grainy lump which adds a little something extra to your home decor. It also inspired this post: because tiny man is a fantastic eater, but clearly being served Weetabix every day for months on end is enough to send anyone into a little flick-the-food-session whose effects I didn't notice for a week.

Hence the new decor - and this post on 17 baby breakfast ideas if you, too, want to mix up the first meal of the day (in a super-simple/made-in-advance way: because who can be bothered proper cooking before 8am?)

1) Sugar-free apple and banana bread pudding

2) Bircher muesli: soak oats in apple puree and yogurt, stir in a grated apple and chopped ripe pair, and a handful of raisins - leave overnight. 2) Toast soldiers with mashed banana

3) Frozen yogurt and fruit bites: these are amazing for hot sunny mornings where you're breakfasting al fresco (and pretending you're on holiday)

4) Oaty baby breakfast bars

5) Small pieces of bagel + peanut butter

6) Sweet potato muffins (these freeze really well)

7) Porridge with apple and pear

8) Sugar-free blueberry muffins (Tesco sell great £2 packs of frozen berries which I always use for baking)

9) Go med-style: pitta bread with little squares of tomato, skin-less cucumber and hummus

10) Hard-boiled egg or scrambled egg and toast soldiers, plus fruit

11) Pancakes - I add mashed banana to the mix so they're even tastier, but you can make plain and top with peanut butter, fruit puree, etc.

12) Or... easy peasy two-ingredient banana pancakes 

13) Go Mexican-style: Scrambled eggs, avocado pieces, and black beans

15) Banana and peanut butter tortillas: spread peanut butter in a small wholewheat tortilla, chop banana up small and lay it out on top, then roll up the tortilla, and cut into little squares

16) Cottage cheese with slices of fruit

17)  Porridge. 'Cos baby breakfast ideas wouldn't be complete without it.

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