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Monday 6 June 2016

Five fave father's day prezzies

OOPS Father's Day is next Sunday and maybe you've forgotten / really want to celebrate your other half's first one but are too knackered to even visit Not On the High St / want something that's actually different and not going to end up in the tat pile.

If so, here are five fab ideas .. but hurry up or you'll be bullied into paying extra for speedy delivery which always makes me mad.

1) One for the new daddies. Or experienced ones with a cot-hater..
I love the casual Ts, sweaters and playwear at Three Bears Threads and these matching T shirt / romper sets (£35) are going to be winning their way to our house this father's day... They do matching mama ones too so you don't have to be left out. I love these designs too: 
2) For the sentimental dad-of-one

Love this wooden keyring so much I tiny man bought it for Mr ROOW's first father's day last year. One side has your little one's birth date circled, and says 'the day your became my daddy' - the other side has your own message. It's £16 from here.

3) For the PJ-wearing papa

I wrote about my soft and cute pair of Mama Jyms here and about the entrepreneurial company's founder too - but the Slim Jyms dad version is just as comfy too. They're not cheap - £54 plus you'll be needing a matching sleepsuit or PJs for your little 'un too - but they're great quality and mine seem like they'll last for yonks. 

4) For literature-loving dads

If you / your little one has lots to say to their dad - like the things they love most, funny photos, quotes, etc - but you don't have the time / can't face the mess / CBA to start scrapbooking etc, this is your dream gift: you fill in the gaps of a hefty book, including details like the dad's date of birth, nicknames, favourite colour, phrases, etc, and the Book of Everyone website makes a hefty hardback book, personalised throughout. Costs £7.50 for a digital edition or £29.50 for the hardback; last day to order day for that is 15 June.

5) For the retro dad
You know those seven zillion photos you have of your little one(s) on your phone, laptop, iPad, etc? Turn them into good use with Cheerz's Polaroid 3000 set: for £15 you get 18 photos printed onto thick, embossed card, Polaroid-style. They come with a few magnets and a really nice box, so they're ready to be displayed around the house. Cheerz also makes other amazing photo gifts, like magnets and posters, and I reckon it makes the artiest options around.


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