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Saturday 18 June 2016

Summer holiday packing list (for older babies)

Just under a year ago, we were packing for our first overseas holiday with a then-five-month-year-old tiny man, and I was so bamboozled with all the stuff to take that I wrote this ultimate baby holiday packing check list. I've used it ever since, taking more or less depending on if we were staying in the UK, going for a few days or longer, etc.

But now tiny man is growing up, the essentials have changed. We don't need to take muslins, expressing gear, etc, and DO need a whole bunch of other things for our non-stop-walking, food-gobbling baby/toddler.
Just back from ten days in France, this was our packing list, plus a bit more on the things we found uber-useful:

* Two Grobags (see summer essentials post)
* SnoozeShade 
(see summer essentials post)
* Monitor and plug adaptor
* 5 vests
* 3 babygrows (warm enough for vest-only at night)
* 4 T shirts
* 5 shorts / short dungarees (see below) 
* 2 trousers
* 3 romper suits (see below) 
* 1 jumper
* two sun hats (one for pool)
* sunglasses (cute factor)
* suncream

* nappies
* wipes
* nappy cream
* changing mat
* socks
* shoes
* swim nappies
* swim suits
* poncho towel 
* toys (stacking cups, toy mobile phone, squeezy water crab, puppet, and main teddy)
* book
* Calpol
* teething gel
* Bibs
* Spoons
* Bowl
* Some emergency Ella's pouches, box of Organix biscuits, Weetabix for breakfast
* Buggy
* Sling
* Toothbrush and paste

* Bath bubbles
* Gro egg (see summer essentials post)
* Travel highchair (see summer essentials post)
* Travel cot if needed - we still love this one



  1. Great list we will be venturing with our little one this summer and have some key things on the list already but this will be good to double check. I hope you had a lovely time Lucy

  2. Once you have your packing boxes, the second most essential packing supplies you will need is packing tape.
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