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Sunday 25 October 2015

The show where you can buy everything but the baby

"He's almost as tall as you!" is the oh-so-funny joke everyone is currently conjuring up when meeting or re-meeting not-so-tiny man and me at the moment. Because I'm about as tall as a cucumber, so it doesn't take much to catch up with me. 

But the above photo of the titchy two of us isn't because we turned into actual relatives of Arrietty Borrower: it's just that luxury and eco Scandi brand Stokke made some enormous versions of their brilliant high chairs for this weekend's Baby Show. And we're checking them out in the pic.

We had a fun day at the Olympia show. It's huge. To new or soon-to-be parents thinking of going next year, it's the ideal place to go to consider and test products, gadgets, furniture and meet the makers. I had a chat to Cosatto, for example, about a problem with my otherwise excellent Giggle 2 buggy, had a chance to test out the comfy and durable Stokke MyCarrier (more details coming soon), and felt sorry for shocked-looking pregnant women obviously wondering around thinking OMG I'M SO UNPREPARED. (NB, you really don't need to do overdo it: check out my ultimate newborn shopping list to de-stress.) 

I also laughed at some of the stuff on show... Like this ridiculous 'throne' cot: 

I loved this baby bottle chandelier (although it's not a design coming to my home anytime soon)

 Weaning advice from Annabel Karmel was really useful:

 I nabbed a sleep-inducing baby pillow spray from LoveBoo (I'll let you know if it's a snoozy miracle-worker, as I'm hoping..) 

 And I oggled some beautiful baby clothes from the likes of Peachey Boo, Crane Bump & Baby, and Bowties & Candy, and Funky Giraffe's tie-bib.

Other inventions that caught my eye were magnetic babygrows - because I don't know how many poppers I've already snapped - and iCandy's £1,200 buggy that turns into a high chair. Plus Bunny & Clyde's £2500 cot (which admittedly also turns into a bed) made me want to scream to any interested parents STEP AWAY, YOU CAN BUY ALL THE NAPPIES YOU'LL EVER NEED FOR THAT MONEY (maybe.. I don't even want to think about my total annual Pampers bill.)

More than 30,000 parents strolled through the Baby Show's doors this weekend, and I felt like I ran most of them over with my buggy (sorry, still working on spacial awareness..) - it's definitely one to visit if you're a prospective parent. Just step away from anything too ridiculous, or jewelled, or more than £1000...


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