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Monday 5 October 2015

Baby clothes sizes: a guide

Over the weekend, I had my first night out sans baby, sans husband (who was watching the rugby, and the baby). In the market for escapism, a friend and I went to see The Intern. It's a great, 'bad' film, and it also inspired this post. Because Anne Hathaway's successful CEO character in the film runs an online start-up that helps people buy clothes that fit them, on the internet.

Now sadly I don't have the billion-dollar idea for a similar start-up around baby clothes. But it did remind me that I've so-far learnt that John Lewis baby grows are always enormous,. So I fished for the collective wisdom of mamas and papas, and here's what the main messages were on sizing at the big baby brands. Hopefully it'll be useful if you're buying for your baba - but obviously bear it mind it's pretty subjective and babies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes..

Verdict: comes up larger. "I always buy the smaller age band for my baby here, but the normal one in every other store," says one.

Verdict: Generous sizing. My five-month-year-old boy still fits into his 'newborn' size M&S coat... Another mum adds: "My nearly-nine-month-old baby has an outfit in 0-3 from m&s that she still wears now - their clothes are huge!"

Verdict: true-to-label, although some mums said "trousers are on the small side."


Verdict: true sizing but skinny fit. "Especially their super soft cotton tops that don't seem to shrink."

Verdict: Skinny fit 

John Lewis
Verdict: clothes true-to-fit, babygrows and vests are large. 

Verdict: generous sizing, most mums said they go a size-band smaller

Petite Bateau
Verdict: smaller

Verdict: smaller than stated size

Verdict: "very small fitting - particularly baby grows." 

Verdict: small fitting.. "But," one mum reports, "the jeans have enormous waists. Even when you use the special bands to shrink the waist you end up with a big baggy bit around the crotch."

Morrisons (Nutmeg)
Verdict: true-to-label sizing.

Verdict: true-to-label sizing

Little White Company
Verdict: generously-sized, 'go a size down'

Verdict: true-to-label sizing 

Jojo Mama BebeVerdict: average sizing

Verdict: "a perfect fit for the age on clothes, but shoes always too big."

Verdict: "comes up small".

Verdict: "always been size group too small.

Designer/ French
Verdict: "Take 3-6 months off age on label. My LO was too big for some lovely outfits sent by relatives before I realised this."

Costco (Carters)
Verdict: long and very thin

Verdict: true to label size

Verdict: clothes come up very small



  1. very integrated, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Because Anne Hathaway's successful CEO character in the film runs an online start-up that helps people buy clothes that fit them, on the internet.

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  3. Disagree on the H&M! I find them longer than other brands, and they have useful European extra sizes such as 2-4m and 4-6m. They're also 'cut for cloth' a lot of the time - meaning there is room in the bum for a bulkier cloth nappy.

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