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Monday 26 October 2015

Underslept Parents + Social Media = Madness

As soon as I became pregnant, I realised that babies and children are one issue on which Everyone Has An Opinion. And so many of those opinions come from social media. 

Often, that's great. I love the baby-focused Facebook groups where you can go for practical advice and others' experiences. 

But they also often host daily eruptions between one parent or another. People get mad, thrust their views where they are not wanted, people get upset. The erupting storm usually looks a little something like this...

1. Someone posts something ridiculous.
2. Someone responds over-aggressively 
3. Someone tries to be reasonable
4. Someone brings up the G-word 
 5. Someone irrelevantly promotes their preferred method of feeding
6. Someone goes po-mo 
7. A blogger/journalist reckons there's a story in this... 
8. The newspapers get interested

9. Columnists and TV chat shows get involved... 

 10. The contents of which are discussed on online parenting groups...

* This post is just supposed to be a joke, don't get mad at me... It has nothing to do with Facebook, Twitter, or any news outlet.



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