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Wednesday 7 October 2015

Speedy, healthy working-from-home lunch

Sometimes I read recipes for 'easy, healthy lunches' and they involve 'popping outside to your herb allotment' or marinating 12 separate ingredients for a salad. Whilst I'm pretty good at shopping for and cooking nice dinners, lunch is a speedy, solo affair (solo eating - tiny man is always watching and singing alongside) based on whatever is in the fridge. 

Since that's rarely anything exciting like roast chicken ready to be ripped into a delicious salad, the default meal has become microwave-melted cheese-on-toast (or, on a baby-won't-be-left-day, bread). It's hardly healthy, and gets boring. So when I had brunch at a friend's apartment and he made a delicious aubergine dish in about 2 minutes, I had to repeat it.

Yes, you need an aubergine and some leaves in the fridge, but that's it. It's a one-pan dish for an easy, tasty lunch.


One aubergine, sliced as thick as a £1 coin
Two tablespoons of honey
Good shake of soy sauce
Clove of garlic, crushed
Pine nuts
Chili flakes if you like
Olive oil

Toss all the ingredients bar the oil and pine nuts together; then heat up the oil in a wok or frying pan on high. Cook for 3 minutes, adding pine nuts to toast for the last minute, then whack the pan in the oven for five minutes.
 Serve on a bunch of spinach or other leaves.


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  1. The best thing that happened to me is when I found a job at home and I started working from home.


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