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Tuesday 17 November 2015

A parent asks a question online...

And hell breaks loose. You go to a site like Face-witter-gram and ask a quick Q, hoping for a simple response, and you do get a response. A lot of response. And it's great but also a bit overwhelming and this is what happens.

1) Someone asks what sounds like a simple question.

 2) A gazillion different people start to give ten gazillion different opinions..

3. Someone calls everyone else idiots, and suggests something preposterous.
4) Someone wants to tell the world about their own (irrelevant) decision.
5) Someone condemns consumerist Western parenting ... 
6) Someone can't *believe* how little research everyone else does...
7) Someone hijacks the post with a weird anecdote
8) Someone is OUTRAGED.
9) Someone spots a business opportunity...
10) And the original poster is left totally confused.



  1. Just found out about your blog on km journal and decided to be nosy & visit. This post is hilarious although so true...never ask open questions on mum's forums, it's too dangerous! Love your blog, please keep writting!


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