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Monday 23 November 2015

They won't change your life but they will make you smile

It's hard to justify splurging on baby clothes. They're going to get worn for about two days before they're too small or food-splattered to wear again - making their cost-per-wear less justifiable than a Mulberry handbag, basically. 

But here's a good solution: From Babies with Love is a baby brand that donates 100% of its profits to orphaned and abandon children living in SOS Children villages in Africa and elsewhere in the world. Their organic yarn clothes are also super-cute, come in a lovely reusable bag, and aren't crazily priced (about £20 for a sleepsuit). Their new own-label range includes sleepsuits, t-shirts, hats and blankets in styles - The Rabbit, The Duck, The Frog and The Monkey. We're loving the duck sleepsuit - and you can buy them here.

I am not a tech geek. I am not a tech geek. I am not a tech geek... is what I'm having to repeat to myself as I go gaga over a random new phone gadget. It's the Tactus Smootch – an absurdly-named protective iPhone case that turns your phone into a magic sticking marvel. 

Thanks to "micro-suction technology", apparently, you can slap your phone into any smooth surface like glass or mirrors, it hangs there like it's been superglued - then easily comes off (with no residue and no reduction in future stickiness) when you want it. So far I've mainly been using it in the kitchen (stuck on the wall it can't get splattered when I'm using my phone for a recipe) and for Skype chats - it makes selfies really easy without requiring the gimpiest thing in the world, the selfie stick.  And it's only £14.99 from Argos. The ideal present for any narcissist, like a teenager, or, er, blogger.


On the one hand, this Mamas & Papas Timbuktales knitted blanket is just a blanket. On the other, wrapping my tiny man up in it when he's snug asleep to take him from the car to house, or house to buggy is making this oh-so-chilly weather more colourful and cosy than it otherwise would be. It's unisex whilst still being colourful, and currently 20% off so under £24. A really practical-but-beautiful baby shower or Christmas present for some parents-to-be, I reckon.

* Items provided to Run Out of Womb for review... But rest assured, I'm seriously gobby and just don't write about things that don't pass the muster.

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