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Sunday 29 November 2015

Five best presents for the parent (and baby) with everything

They've got every Lamaze toy going and already own enough cuddly toys to fill the downstairs of their parents' house. What that baby would really like (probably) is a cardboard box, (plus world peace, and a charitable donation in their name - and there are lots of amazing goodwill gifts to do just that here.) 

But if you're *still* looking for that special present idea, for Christmas, Chanukah, a birthday or indeed birth, here are five of my favourites:

* Book of Everyone. This is one to buy now before it becomes ubiquitous (like Not on the High Street presents, which used to be brilliant, but are now the same things everyone gets everyone every year). You enter your recipient's name, gender and date of birth on the Book Of Everyone website, pick cover colours and then scan through the book, adding personal info - like quotes, photos, favourite sayings, etc) whenever you spot a pencil symbol. It then fills in the rest of the pages with things like the toys, hits and headlines of the year of the recipient's birth, a receipt of prices of stamps, cinema tickets, etc, star sign info, and more. Unlike big projects like scrapbook-making, photo-book-making, etc, this one really can only take 10 minutes but looks like you spent aaaaaaaaaaages compiling it. Then you get a cool book swiftly delivered to your home. Which is why you need to buy this now (it's £7 for a digital up to £49 for a posh hardback), before anyone else does.* 

* A photobook from Blurb. I used to get depressed at the thought of 100s of unlooked-at photos festering in my computer. Then I'd get stressed at the thought of having to make a zillion photo books about each holiday / milestone / party/ etc to show them off. Then a few years ago I decided to make a 'book of the year' each year. I tried a bunch of different websites, but Blurb's is the best - easy software, excellent printing quality, and very often discount codes for as much as 40% off. This year, thanks to tiny man and my photographic obsession, I have 2900 photos to whittle down.. Here goes... *

* Last year my mum and I proudly thrust very similar-looking wrapped boxes at each other for our festive gifts. Turned out, we'd bought the same things - Plant-a-box personalised crates with names and anniversaries emblazoned on the side. I love these:

Or you can also opt for toy box ones for indoors - they're all robust, attractive and thoughtful.

* You know in the old days when your parents lovingly noted your height on a wall and it became a family tradition and you looked at it every time you went back home from uni... etc? Nowadays when we're all renting/trying to upgrade flats to small homes and dreaming of a 'forever house' one day, that permanent bit of wall for measurements is less likely. That's where Talltape comes into play - it's a roll-up-able measuring tape with nice graphics that's a great alternative to recording measurements on a wall or door, it won't get left behind or painted over – it just stays with you.*
* Anything from My1stYears. Sure, the kid might already have a toy box / Uggs / rocking horse - but ONE WITH THEIR NAME ON? That changes everything, if you're 1 or 41. Although there's definitely more of a focus on the younger side of the age range. 
* We were sent a trial to test these gifts out, but rest assured we only talk about things we love.. ropey gifts don't get raved about here.

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