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Friday 13 June 2014

Best chocolate mousse in the world*

I’m an unabashed, unsnobby chocolate fan. Dairy Milk or Hotel Chocolat, Yorkie or Prestat, I love it. And so I bring to you the best chocolate mousse in the world. *Except if you’re a fan of the coffee or liquery mousses. But if it’s just chocolate you love, this is delicious.
I must admit - there are some additions. It’s a Toblerone mousse, so some honey-ish crunch intrudes now and then. And I sometimes also make a variation on this recipe, Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mousse, substituting the Toblerone for the same quantity of Terry’s. 

They’re both equally as good, an excellent end to a dinner party (and you can make it the night before). I usually decide my chocolate direction based on which of the boxes are on offer at the supermarket the day I want to make it; but try both and see for yourself.
My next baking splurge is going to be buying this spoon mould and serving the mousse up with these. Chocolate mousse + chocolate spoon: can’t be a better combination.


300g Toblerone + few extra triangles for decoration
5 tablespoons water
300ml crème fraiche
2 egg whites
(Serves five big portions)


Melt the chocolate and water, either in a bain marie or, carefully, in the microwave

Cool, and add the crème fraiche

Separately, whisk the egg whites until they’re stiff
Fold them into the mix

Distribute between glass bowls, tea cups or little jars, and pop a triangle of Toblerone on top (or a segment of choc orange, if you went down the Terry’s route).

Refrigerate until set – I usually leave 24 hours.


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