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Friday 13 June 2014

Millionaire's date biscuits

Celebrations in my family tend to take place around a table, and it's always heaving with food. This recipe for sticky date biscuits comes from my sister-in-law's mum Harriet: after dinner, she brings out a tray of loads of tiny biscuits like these yummy treats. 

I always assumed they were really tricky to make, thanks to their posh-looking chocolate swirls on top. Turns out, they're super-simple, and create a caramel-biscuit-chocolate bite of deliciousness... even though you might, like me, wonder if your biscuits are turning into an omelette at one point....

Here's the recipe:

Sticky date biscuits

250g butter
250g chopped dates
1 cup sugar (to translate into measurements, Delia's done it for you here)
2 eggs (beaten)
300g digestive biscuits 
300g white chocolate
80g dark chocolate (or just whatever you have: I melted down two dark Green & Black mini squares)

1) Melt the butter and sugar, slowly add the eggs. If some of it goes into scrambled egg white lumps, don't worry but try to stir enough to avoid it)
2) Bring to the boil and add the dates
3) Cook until it starts to thicken, then remove from the heat
4) Add the biscuits, crushed into small crumbs
5) Pour into a lined tin - ideally 9x11 inches, although I only had a bigger one so just folded up the parchment paper and stopped the mixture travelling too far)
6) Leave in fridge to set
Here comes the white chocolate..
7) Melt the white chocolate and pour onto the biscuit mix to cover it completely
8) Melt the dark chocolate and drizzle it in thin lines for decoration
9) Chill in fridge; when cool, cut the block into small squares

My biggest problem with this recipe? I can't help myself from tidying the edges and chomping away whilst cooking..

Mmmmm drizzled chocolate...


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